m4a codec for winamp
Winamp Toolbar

Winamp Toolbar 5.6

Developer AOL LLC

Winamp Toolbar is developed for users to control Winamp from their browser.

Winamp Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Winamp Toolbar for Internet Explorer 5.1

Developer Winamp

Winamp Toolbar for IE allows users to control Winamp from the browser.


KillWinamp 1.6

Developer Johan Torp

KillWinamp 1.61 is a shut down timer for Winamp or your computer.

GD Winamp Control

GD Winamp Control 1.0

Developer Myplugins.info

GD Winamp Control allows you to control Winamp from Google Sidebar.


M4A Codec for Winamp

Winamp Essentials Pack

Winamp Essentials Pack 5.6

Developer Christoph Grether

Winamp Essentials Pack - A pack of plug-ins Winamp can't live without!

Pegasus Imaging PICVideo Motion JPEG

Pegasus Imaging PICVideo Motion JPEG 4.0

Developer Pegasus Imaging Corporation

An M-JPEG video codec that allows you to compress and decompress video files.

Winamp Alternative

Winamp Alternative 1.0

Developer Winamp Alternative

Winamp Alternative is a codec to winamp available as a freeware.

Winamp Goes 3D

Winamp Goes 3D 1.5

Developer LEXITY Software & Consulting

Winamp Goes 3D is a 3D visualization plugin for Winamp.


Skinamp 1.1

Developer Sascha Hlusiak

A popular skin creator for the Winamp Media Player.

dBpoweramp m4a Codec

dBpoweramp m4a Codec 4.0

Developer Illustrate

mp4 Codec is a container that can store many sub-formats.

DG Winamp Control Panel

DG Winamp Control Panel 2.5

Developer Dima Gornushkin

DG Winamp Control Panel allows you to control Winamp by the keyboard.

Winamp Wallpaper

Winamp Wallpaper 2.0

Developer White Bolt Software Inc.

Winamp Wallpaper can use an image as album cover in winamp.

winamp remote control suite

winamp remote control suite 1.3

Developer pmmsoft

The winamp remote control suite allows one to do just what the title promises. With a central machin...

DFX Skin Generator

DFX Skin Generator 1.0

Developer Patras Vlad

It's a plugin for Winamp which "converts" Winamp skins to DFX skins.


M4A Codec for Winamp

QuickBurn MP3 for WinAmp

QuickBurn MP3 for WinAmp 1.1

Developer ClickSmash Productions

QuickBurn MP3 is an Audio CD Burning add-on program for WinAmp.

Winamp Control

Winamp Control 3.9

Developer Crystal Reality

Winamp Control is a keyboard shortcut utility that lets you instantly control Winamp player, using c...

Winamp TV

Winamp TV 5.5

Developer Branimir Lambov

Winamp TV is a plugin which lets you use Winamp to control your TV tuner.

DSP Spectrum Tool for Winamp

DSP Spectrum Tool for Winamp 5.5

Developer Nullsoft Inc.

Is a high-precision 32-bit accuracy real-time sonogram/spectrum analyzer.

Winamp Remote Android Server

Winamp Remote Android Server 1.0

Developer Van Kampen Webdesign & Applications

Winamp Remote Android Server is a nice tool for Winamp fans.

CDG Component for Winamp

CDG Component for Winamp 5.5

Developer Nullsoft Inc.

Detector Winamp

Detector Winamp 1.0

Developer Nullsoft Inc.

This little Winamp plugin will make Winamp stop whenever you lock your screen.

ExploreTunes for Winamp

ExploreTunes for Winamp 1.1

Developer Power Technology


OggTag 3.2

Developer OggTag.com

OggTag is an useful editing tag tool for your mail status.

Winamp Icon Pack

Winamp Icon Pack 2.0

Developer PaweĊ‚ Porwisz

It is a free plugin that contains a set of icon libraries for Winamp.

WaveSurround for Winamp

WaveSurround for Winamp 7.3

Developer Atheros Commnucations

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